Tanning tradition, excellent quality

Only an activity which is passed on from father to son, which respects and carries on the tradition of a territory that has achieved maximum levels in tanning techniques, can lead to the production of excellent quality hides. There is real craftsmanship skill: just one look at the technicians of Marchetto Pellami is enough to understand the value, the features and the yield of the raw hide, to understand whether the product is soft and beautiful enough to be transformed into an absolutely elegant product, be it furnishing or footwear.

The biggest brands in fashion and furnishing have for many years been customers of this Company where top quality leather is a family attitude.

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The products range

The leather items produced range from grain leathers for furnishings: aniline, natural and polished grain leathers with 0.9 to 2.5+ thickness; to grain leathers for footwear: aniline with various thicknesses, very thick tumbled leather, 8/12 feet high quality calfskin grain leathers. In the split leathers sector, split leathers are produced for sofa backs, for complete sofas, and bycast leather for leather goods.

Constant quality, checked at every step

The quality of the products is guaranteed by a system that involves the traceability of each and every hide, control of each step of the process with prompt and constant checks.

400_F_40947228_QadBWZLrigJ2NG7KRq77ZxoAt7FJGVoW“What does quality mean to us? The hides must be beautiful, as regards appearance as well as feel, with the correct softness and thickness. They are treated with safe products, using production systems that respect the environment and human health. Our products can satisfy the needs of our customers”.

Genuine customisation

“We make samples to promptly satisfy our customers’ requirements. We do so rapidly, with each supply accompanied by tests that ensure aspects the most important of which is safety for human health, in addition to reaction to light, resistance to tear, heat and fire and to all those products that are difficult to clean. We provide our customers with these and many other tests, to help them in selling their products from a point of view of transparency for consumers”.