Your house will be full of energy and life thanks to the new yellow colour trend.

If you think about it now it may look unusual but fashion experts all agree in confirming that yellow will be the new cult colour for the home furnishing season 2014-2015. Sofas will have long sits and large cushions, with smooth and delicate shapes for extremely comfortable embraces. The favourites will be silky-touch and soft leathers, aniline and extremely smooth finishes in order to maintain the most natural look. There is a clear desire to show off with colours using, besides the yellow shades, also tones like green or light blue. Have a look at how, here at Marchetto Pellami, we have adapted these fashion experts suggestions to our products.

Yellow/green aniline: these colours, bright, alive and unexpected, will spread energy all over the house


These new colour trends can be a bit disconcerting and may require some time in order to be fully understood and appreciated. So for those who prefer a classical style, more reassuring rather than  cutting-edge, the must-have item still remains the Chesterfield model sofa, with plain or capitonné manufacturing. The leather will have pull-up worn finishes and will be rigorously waxed while the colour shades will vary from dark brown to orange. 

Colour Ideas by Marchetto Pellami

Here is a good example of a Chesterfield model sofa with capitonné effect.




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