Yes: it’s leather! By marchetto pellami

From unusual accessories, such as tanned tails in different colours that can surprisingly enhance boring areas of your house, to watering cans, the extreme versatility of leather really is the main quality of this gentle material! Leather, specially treated in order to make it malleable, soft and long-lasting, can help designers, artisans and stylist to express themselves at their best. As a clear example we can mention Renush (, alias Renáta Koch, a graduate from London College of Fashion that since 2005 creates fashion accessories such as jewels, corsets, corset belts, wristbands and necklaces in high quality hand crafted leather, using new techniques and eco-friendly products. It’ s her creation the shoulder piece, also loved by Kate Moss, especially designed to follow the body shape.

A nice gift made by a cow tail.

















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