Why do we use social media? By Marchetto Pellami

One year after the launch of our new website and the creation of our social media presence what have we learned from this experience? And above all, what are the benefits in terms of business? This reflection comes from the comparison with the web and social activities of a handicraft company of the footwear industry called “Il Gergo” that Google called attention to as a case of excellence for its use of the web. The website of “Il Gergo”, which has an activity that, unlike ours, is directed to the end costumer, seems to be a certainly well thought alternative distribution channel to flagship stores. For a user, this means finding more easily the answers to every question that arises when visiting the site, becoming interested in its products and its history, deciding to proceed with the purchase.
This, therefore, is the main objective of a company that decides to use social media: being constantly on the user’s side, with empathy and intuition, in order to understand his needs and tastes and to adapt its offer to the rapidly evolving market trends.
As far as we, Marchetto Pellami, are concerned, our website and social profiles are not intended to e-commerce, since ours is a B2B company. We primarily seek to communicate who we are and how we interpret our work. Therefore, from the point of view of our business, since we do not have to quantify sales made through the Internet what are the benefits of our web presence? The answer can be found in another question: would you buy from a stranger? We don’t think so, especially if that means risking your reputation as a professional and as a brand that make of the quality of the materials used a real distinctive feature. Telling who we are, the values in which we believe, how we work constantly listening and speaking with other professionals, partner companies, multiple communities represented in the great world of the web, has allowed us to develop products increasingly responsive to the needs of our customers, to recognize new areas of business, to consolidate existing relationships and why not, to have fun.


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