This Is How Our Leather Should Be: The Marchetto Pellami Standard

The document regarding the quality policy of the leather produced by Marchetto Pellami shows the strategic choice to produce only with high excellence parameters. For Marchetto Pellami, the leather must be Fit For use which means it must be suitable, ready for use and easily usable by the direct customer: the manufacturer of chairs, sofas and beds, or footwear. Good look, touch and feel communication: the experience of the Marchetto Pellami technicians is of fundamental importance to obtain a final product that conforms to the customer’s requirements, as well as those regarding looks. Durable and functional: the leather must be of uniform quality to make it easier to handle for those who purchase it for making the finished product. Monitoring each step of the production cycle, from the choice in wet blue to the finishing, ensures that the probability of encountering problems with the quality of the material is extremely limited. Stand everyday wear and tear: the leather produced is resistant to everyday wear. This is thanks to the entire finishing process, which makes it resistant and conformant as required by the tests concerning resistance. Good workmanship: The skill and experience of the technicians and operators is of fundamental importance for the success of the product: starting with the choice of the material in wet blue, through the dyeing and finishing, to selection of the finished product. The expert worker knows leather and can spot characteristic defects immediately. Customer friendly: Leather is easy to maintain and clean. Safe to use: the chemical products used by Marchetto Pellami throughout the production chain are guaranteed by expert and reliable suppliers. Each chemical product is registered on the system and always accompanied by its safety data sheet. Before being used in the production cycle, each product must be approved according to the procedure for acceptance of chemical products. (click here for more details)