The Environmental Report 2012 Marchetto Pellami

The Environmental Report 2012, which Marchetto Pellami recently concluded with the analysis of the activities with environmental impact, concerns the factories and Offices at Vestenanova and Arzignano. Keeping these constantly monitored means Marchetto Pellami can always have set data to be used for quantifying and qualifying the improvement objectives. Specifically, the water consumption, atmospheric emissions, use of chemical products, the production of processing wastes and residues and their treatment are analysed. Each production step is monitored with a view to optimum management of the resources, reduction of environmental impact, reuse and valorisation of the wastes. The objectives achieved in 2012 included: the reuse of 5000 kg of wooden pallets, which would otherwise have been sent to waste dumps; since August 2012, CO2 is no longer used for the water purification process; water is taken independently from the water-bearing table which leads to savings of the public water resources; improvement of the visual impact of the Vestenanova factory by planting high trees. For 2013, Marchetto Pellami intends to reduce the use of chemical products and continue using those with high performance and low environmental impact, and initiate the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. (an extract is available on this link)