Master craftsmen teach the secrets of leather at the Pitti Uomo exhibition

Thanks to an initiative of My Vintage Academy, during the Pitti Uomo exhibition, Firenze 2.0 The fashion backstage – a workshop in which artisans and designers explain through courses and workshops the secrets of leather and its products – is currently underway. Learning how to produce particular leather goods, thanks to the guidance of expert craftsmen of My Vintage Academy is a great opportunity for stylists and designers seeking inspiration. MVA is an archive containing 6000 prototypes of Giorgio Linea Srl, a company led by the volcanic businesswoman Barbara Ricchi, who apart from the production and design activity, decided to create My Vintage Academy, to help safeguard an important culture made of drafts, prototypes and samples of products resulting from a 30-year work experience. Three decades of Haute Couture zipped in an archive containing thousands of items including belts, small leather goods and accessories made in close contact with the most prestigious brands. A magical place from which to draw inspiration, with a complete overview of the best creations of the Florentine craftsmanship, in an archive searchable on the web. And when the pictures are not enough, thanks to the rental service, the best solution is to take the piece home to discover more closely its characteristics in order to reproduce it. In this way, the craftsmanship, which was in danger of being lost, is preserved and can be passed on. A unique archive in the world from which to draw inspiration, a unique opportunity for designers, students and enthusiasts to take a journey through the history of fashion, the memory of a part of the Italian tradition which includes processing, solutions, achievements that represent the wealth and heritage of Italy. The schedule is packed with meetings and demonstrations on the art of woven leather, the versatility of python leather, the alligator bag, leather decorations, jewel&leather and much more.
For more information: MVA is based in Via Guido Rossa, Florence.

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