Marchetto Pellami’s commitment to sustainability is featured in the Events Special Edition of the Sole 24 Ore North-East

In 2011, Marchetto Pellami invested in a cogeneration system to produce the energy required for the entire production plant. “Today we produce 100% of our energy requirements, both electrical and thermal, thanks to a co-generator powered by renewable sources,” explained Danilo Marchetto to the editorial staff of Events Special Edition of the Sole 24 Ore North-East that last 25 may published a company profile, emphasising the company’s commitment to make the production fully green. The co-generator is installed in the production plant and, with its 940 kW of power, is sufficient to meet electricity needs. A heat recovery system connected to the co-generator generates thermal energy required to heat the water used for the entire plant. Fuel used for the cogeneration system is pure vegetable oil and is not chemically modified. It allows  energy to be produced with minimal environmental impact and low emissions thereby reducing carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming. The company is also considering  using animal fat  from the tanning process, as fuel. Its use, as with vegetable oil would ensure a closed cycle of carbon dioxide. It would also be useful to recycle a byproduct of the tanning industry, otherwise subject to expensive  disposal with adverse impact on the environment. Investment in a co-generator system is one of the stages of a process in which the company is engaged to reduce environmental impact. This includes recovery of water, reducing use of chemicals, creating a wet white tanning process without chrome and metal for the furnishing sector and writing sustainability reports. Follow this link to read the full article (only in Italian).

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