Marchetto Pellami: Thanks to complimentary welfare, the daily shopping is paid for

A real and easily expendable contribution, even for the daily supermarket shopping. Complimentary welfare, which is easily manageable and of great utility, is an initiative promoted by Marchetto Pellami towards its employees. These are prepaid cards that the company’s employees have used in authorised bars, restaurants, local shops and also for daily shopping, since a couple of months.

This is a novelty that comes from the new agreement recently signed by representatives from the Tanneries Group of Confindustria Vicenza and the trade unions Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uiltec Uil, and was immediately introduced by Marchetto Pellami. For the first time in the Vicenza leather industry, contractual welfare instruments were given an annual value of 1200 Euros per employee, divided monthly.

It is almost worth twice as much as it was in the past years with the monthly bonus. Nowadays, it is completely tax-free, so it is entirely for the worker’s benefit. It is determined based on the number of days actually worked, and is also used as an incentive against absenteeism, which is, however, virtually non-existent in this company.