Marchetto Pellami is today a cardio-protected place

Marchetto Pellami has sponsored a life-saving project promoted by CardioAmico,, inviting a quarter of its employees to take part to a training course which teaches lifesaving maneuvers. The company is today a cardio-protected place, equipped with a defibrillator DAE and with people trained to use it. Knowing how to react consciousness in the case of emergencies, for example, people suffering from a cardiac arrest, is important in the work spaces as well as in the everyday life, especially when you are committed to public events and sports activities, likewise in many cases of Marchetto Pellami employees. During the basic rescue techniques class, they have been learning CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also with the help of an AED, that is a semi-automatic external defibrillator, on adults, children, and infants, in addition to techniques against suffocation. The BLSD patent, which stands for “Basic Life Support and defibrillator” is valid all over the world as it is released by the American Heart Association, the largest non-profit organization on cardiovascular emergencies.

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