London: very luxurious leather interiors

If London dictates trends, the tanning industry should be watched carefully as it reveals the use of leather for really deluxe interior furnishings. From more traditional uses for elegant sofas and armchairs and headboards, to furniture completely covered by leather and huge wall-paintings, leather marks the difference between luxury and pure opulence. Obviously, the result depends on the quality of the leather and the skills of the interior designer to make the most of this versatile material. The use of hide for very rich decor is not new to some countries, especially in the Middle East or in Russian oligarchs’ villas and is sometimes even preferred to inlaid woodwork. The fact that this trend has generated such huge interest today, is most likely attributable to high category and small boutique hotels that use leather to create warmth and familiarity; a use  that has transferred  to private homes, eliminating any doubt that leather creates an artificial, kind of office, effect. The success in London of this trend is undoubtedly due to the thriving real estate market. London is often the elitist destination of huge fortunes with people looking at the London real estate as a form of very safe investment, providing a large number of new homes to be furnished which are becoming more luxurious than ever. And today, real leather is a sign of distinction and elegance. Moreover, it is able to transform a room into a warm and comfortable space, and blends well with technology. Increasingly hi-tech televisions and home cinema screens are installed in rooms lined by leather for its sound absorbing qualities. When considering such a purchase remember to check the specific safety features that leather should have, especially for use in public places, hotels and restaurants.

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