From tanning to the younger and more creative leather art.

The leather art infects young people who are rediscovering in craftmanship great satisfaction. If Vicenza and in particular the district of Arzignano are worldwide known for the quality of their tanned hides, today we see an evolution of the leather compartment towards a creative direction and besides tanning young companies using leather with great and even customizable creativity are flourishing, to make both decorative and fashionable objects. Moreover, in Vicenza there is a leather school with courses in bag design sought by Bottega Veneta, a brand known worldwide that thanks to the success of its particular technique of woven leather and its no-logo charm, is present with freestanding stores in the most chic streets around the world.
What about Sara Luna, alias Sara Valente, with her bags made to measure: small, medium and large, customized to meet the various requirements even the most diverse such as that, quite common in fact, of having a nice pair of shoes but no bag to match with. With skill and taste, Sara creates the impossible to find bag, appropriate to the more personal style of her clients.  Gloria Bright Colors instead, from the neighboring province of Treviso, produces hand-crafted leather and cowhide tridimensional paintings even customizable  and with subjects on request and her creations very often resemble the charm of fairy tales.
Original gifts for Christmas? Why not. In a standardized world, let’s encourage the young talents to express their creativity recovering an ancient wisdom and proposing it in a modern and original way.

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