Footwear: How Marchetto Pellami is going to reinterpret the new colours trend.

Have you found yourself dreaming for your leather sofa to be in a lilac shade , or have you gone crazy for a green mountain lake during springtime lamp? Are you another victim, as everyone else indeed, of that new fashion style evolution that trend hunters are desperately trying to predict? For the record, emerald green (the mountain lake shade) has been nominated Colour of the Year 2013 by the website, a real institution for stylists, fashion editors designers and everyone else involved with new trends evolution. At Marchetto Pellami, we have been taking into consideration the new fashion trends as well. Here we are then, ready to introduce you our fall-winter 2014-2015 footwear colours collection, we are naturally open and ready to develop your own ideas as well as shades or finishes variations.

Footwear colour collection fall-winter 2014-2015 by Marchetto Pellami.