Edgy, leather and jewellery: arts that approach and blend creating a worldwide success. By Marchetto Pellami

The mapping of Italian craftsmanship linked to the processing of leather continues to surprise and delight us. Just a stone’s throw from our offices here in Vicenza, namely in Trissino, a jewellery designer, Laura Bicego, grown up in a family of jewellers, has merged the family art with the leather tradition creating the brand Edgy. We are speaking of luxurious bracelets, soft leather straps with sparkling silver oval either in the hammered or in the crystal pavè version. A cascade of shimmering crystals in many colours, combined with a soft nappa, python and pony leather strap, resulting from the best tanning technique, that is the right thickness, softness and nuance. “Only the finest leather samples are chosen, either python, pony or nappa hides” – says Laura Bicego that personally chooses the hides, hands become eyes to try the sensation created by the material in contact with the body. Edgy is the representation of how the capability of exploiting the different artisan skills of the territory, adding a very personal style and taste, may be a response to the wishes of elegance and originality of all women around the world. The bracelets have become a must-have for an élite of people desiring to wear a piece of jewellery created as if it were a work of art, far from stereotypical languages and styles. Edgy bracelets, with their extraordinary originality, make intriguing even the simplest outfit. Many are the style suggestions proposed by Laura in her website www.edgystyle.it that we must not miss!

Other brands of leather goods and skilled artisans we mentioned are: Bottega Veneta, Gloria Bright Colors, Sara Luna, Graziano Dal Barco, De Marchi brothers…do you have any other suggestion? Write to us !

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This is how an Edgy bracelet takes shape.

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Which hide gives the best feeling? Look, feel, stylistic capability: everything has to interact to create a perfect bracelet.

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Silver ovals and cascades of glittering crystals: they will be matched to the softest and finest leather.



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