Leather. The family aptitude

The company was founded in 1988 by Danilo Marchetto, who is still running it. Even before he was twenty, Danilo wanted to set up a tanning company to supply premium hides to big brand names in the furnishings and footwear sector. Marchetto Pellami S.p.A. is today a global point of reference for anyone wanting top quality leather.

After 25 years of activity, Danilo is supported by his family in managing the company: his daughters Agata and Valeria, brother Marco and sister Lucia. Family management has always meant the opportunity to transmit precious skills easily, thereby becoming the Company’s essential and indisputable strong point, because of the capacity to combine innovation and youthfulness, with the reality of years of experience.

Skills, changes and dynamism

virtuous transformation, indispensable in a dynamic market like the current one. It employs 35 persons, with a female quota of 40 percent and a low staff turnover. The responsibilities are clearly outlined by the Company organizational chart and training programs aim at increasing the professional skills of the staff. The common vision and the determination of a cohesive and motivated group, lead to a well capitalised solid Company which, in the last few years, has seen double digit growth.

Experience, from generation to generation

Work experience and tradition are transmitted from generation to generation, in a territory where the knowledge of tanning techniques is already widespread, creating an industry capable of producing top quality hides. This means uniform quality for the customer.

Research & Development

A major focus is given to the R & D division to discover innovative technical solutions for minimising the company’s environmental footprint.

Market. From South America all over the globe, human dignity and the environment are key

Up to 80% of our production is exported to Europe, USA, Canada and Russia. The remaining 20% is sent for top quality Italian footwear.

The Company purchases, especially in markets in South America, raw hides from suppliers who follow the business code of conduct, which requires stringent standards on matters regarding persons and environmental safety. The code of conduct governs the entire production chain, and is shared, first of all, with suppliers. In the factory at Vestenanova, located near a protected area, the technology for reduction of environmental impact is at the maximum levels: thanks to major new investments, the Company’s treatment plant is equipped with the latest microfiltration membranes, capable of completely regenerating the water used for the processes.

In the Company’s factories all necessary measures have been taken to limit primary energy consumption. This has led, in the last few years, to a reduction in the use of energy, which greatly improves the environment.

Reduction, reuse and recycling are the key words in the daily management of resources.