Environmental Report

Mindful of the impact our activities have on the environment, we decided to monitor the use of resources carefully in relation to the Company’s production, so as to have precise consumption data, for each and every square meter of hide processed. This makes it possible for us to rationalise and effectively optimise the use of resources, water, air and stock-photo-20875547-hand-holding-green-factory-against-a-path-in-the-parkenergy that we consume. The procedures for analyses of production and management costs according to the final product, as well as the wastes and residues, were implemented at the Arzignano site and, even more strictly, in the production unit at Vestenanova, inserted within the limits of the buffer area of a protected territorial site, where the legislation in force calls for stringent criteria for environmental safety. This is where the dyeing and drying of the hides is done, while operations involved in receiving the hides, measurement, selection, storage and shipment are carried out at the factory.

Our environmental reports are available for download here:



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