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Marchetto Pellami at Interzum 2019 to showcase new products for sustainable design

Interzum is the biennial trade exhibition dedicated to materials for interior design and is back in Cologne from 21st to 24th of May. Innovative materials and technologies are the protagonists of this edition main focus: resources conservation, sustainability, upcycling. A place of honour thus for leather, as an eco-friendly material that enhances food supply chain by-products. Marchetto Pellami is looking forward to meeting...

Green energy and sustainable thermal heating thanks to our cogenerator system

We have described in a video the functioning of our cogenerator, powered by renewable sources, which is able to provide all the energy required by our industrial premises. Our cogenerator is powered by vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil; these oils have sustainability certification and verified traceability. It produces electricity as well as thermal energy. Any surplus green...

Marchetto Pellami: Thanks to complimentary welfare, the daily shopping is paid for

A real and easily expendable contribution, even for the daily supermarket shopping. Complimentary welfare, which is easily manageable and of great utility, is an initiative promoted by Marchetto Pellami towards its employees. These are prepaid cards that the company’s employees have used in authorised bars, restaurants, local shops and also for daily shopping, since a couple of months.

This is a novelty...

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